PRINCESS-A Book Review

This is yet another enthralling book by renowned writer Jean Sasson. Like most of her other books, Princess also never fails to touch the readers’ heart.

Princess, the first book of its trilogy, revolves around the life of Princess Sultana of Saudi Arabia. Through the best-selling author, Jean Sasson, Princess Sultana reveals the status of women in the patriarchal society and unveils the lives of Saudi Arabian women who have been silenced by their men for centuries. A rebellious child herself, Princess Sultana recalls her childhood mischievousness and her constant longing for her father’s attention and love which remain unfulfilled. Growing up in an overwhelmingly wealthy royal family, she realized of having everything except freedom. Being a rebel at heart, Princess Sultana continues to put an effort in seeking justice for women in a world where men rule completely. This real life story brings you the truth behind their veiled lives and would end up making you searching for the next book ‘Daughters of Arabia’.

This is one of those books that would leave you wanting for more….

Thanks to Jean for taking time to read this!