How does it feel to live the last day of your school life, to be the student in this uniform for the last day, to breathe the air of this environment for the last day?

In a way celebrating the last day in school means celebrating the beginning of another journey ahead. Here comes the day when you ought to beam with pride that you have faced the exams with deepest devotions to your study and that you are going to take another major step of your life. The whole journey of school life will somehow be just a distant past with fresh memories of cherished moments. End of school life may at this time bring you an inexplicable feeling of happiness that you will no longer have to follow the rules and regulations, or wear the uniforms or drag yourself to all the gatherings and classes. But as time sweeps by, I bet each of you will miss the school days from the days you used to play hopscotch on the squares of the pavement to the days when fashion, celebs, music and sports began to invade your mind. And even the much enjoyed Children’s day and talent nights will be badly missed.

The last day in school could be more of an emotional roller coaster rides with all those last minute good bye words with close friends and good luck wishes from the teachers. And there is one more important thing that you should not even dare to forget: confessions.  I remember after the tenth grade graduation, I went to a friend whom I have been sulking with over a year for a small matter and apologized for my mistake. I am glad that we are still friends now and cherish those days .  Don’t ever blow this now-or-never moment, you could confess what you have been hiding for so long in you, the thoughts that have kept nagging you on and on, you could pour out the things that has been whirling in your head so far. With this very thing done, you could have a guilty-free life ahead. Years later, you could have a flashback of your school life and say ‘I’m glad I did it’.

I hope each of you will have a fabulous future ahead. May the future hold lots of funs to be enjoyed, memories to be cherished and above all, wisdom to be gained with experience. May you reach for the best of your life with ever fiber of your being.

Have an incredibly wonderful graduation!

Wrote this for my school’s yearly magazine when I was in twelfth grade.

Thanks for reading,