Ignorance-The only thing we need to Lose.

Nothing is more depressing than knowing you have been wasting the blessing of your life, even though you have the innate potential to make a positive difference in their life. When we are totally engrossed in our daily works, we hardly get time to think over things that sweep by silently, things that actually need your concern, your help to make their life worth living. We are so much focussed in our daily matters that we lose the sight of the things that actually deserve our attention and time.

No wonder greed is one of the worst thing in our life that stops us from getting the wider prospect of things around us. We blindly beg our parents to get us the latest trends when someone else live in rags and bear the harsh wind and the scorching heat of the sun. We say we get bored with studying  while someone out there writes on the dust with no roofs overhead, their eyes gleaming with unanswered questions, their faces reflecting utmost curiosity. Don’t you think you are really lucky?  Don’t you think that you could do a lot that will matter a lot to others?

Many a times, we feel down and began thinking like ‘my life sucks.’ and ‘I am nothing’. And at such times, I think it would be a remarkable think for you to remember of those who are deprived of what you have in abundance and that you could make a lot of difference in their life. When we throw the leftover delicacies, we never even think that many people around the world go hungry to bed or queue up for a single meal or even feed on what is dumped in the trash.Why waste all these when all these could have been a sumptuous meal for those dying of starvation.There are people out there who don’t even get the kind of parents’ love that you now fuss about. Seeing them in such poverty will make you feel like there is nothing in your life to be so grumpy about. You might say that to live in such dire poverty is their fate, but then, remember, you could be the magic wand or the lucky spell which could bring an end to their tragic life and change the fate of their life. You could create a better life for them by giving clothes to wear, books to study, house to live in, food to eat and above all, love to share. You could do your bit by helping through an organisation that works for welfare of those in need.

So friends, your life compared to them is a heavenly bliss and enjoy the happiness in giving and making the world a better place to live in. There is so much in life to be thankful about than just complain about. I hope many people with have such noble thoughts and deeds and be a saviour for those who are in need of our support. Remember every selfless you do makes the rippling difference in people’s mind.

I wrote this essay back then in ninth grade or tenth after we were shown a video clip during the morning assembly by our computer instructor. Sorry that I failed to get the video clip and couldn’t share with you all.

Thanks for taking time to read this!