Welcoming the Monsoon…

It is such a big relief that it has started raining these days. With each of its drop descending, I could feel the tears of heaven do wonders on earth. Monsoon is undoubtedly a miracle after the sultry summer that would leave us pining for refreshment. The summer heat has troubling us pretty much with a stifling hot air and scorching sun. I guess the time is coming when we could finally bid goodbye to the hot, sultry summer and welcome the cool monsoon. Nature has truly been versatile in its own way and allowing us to enjoy its marvel!

With the rain hammering down, farmers would be glad to have their farms well-fed and smile at the assurance of a good year ahead. And for the school children, it means the of playing all wet, splash, slide and go completely soaked! And for the plants, it is time for a shower, dust off those dirt and get itself a new great green look. It is a rejuvenating force for them to heal the wounds from the summer sun that had bored them with its heat. After each downpour, the whole world would be different with al the soaring dust stamped down and the smell of the breath of the earth lingering in the cool air. It would sound like the usual chaos has come to an end with the blessings from above. No more sweats, no more sunglasses, go free enjoying nature’s true self!!!